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Re: EFI vs. CIS

Glen wrote:

>Add an auxiliary mixture enrichment system that leaves normal operation,
>drivability, emission and reliability totally unaffected and operates
>only when needed under high boost conditions.


You're right, that's the middle ground between my two "options".  If there is
an auxiliary injection system that gives good mixture distribution and is
intelligent and well-integrated enough to keep the car from leaning out or
detonating, I'd be willing to give it a try!  

If what I remember reading of Scott Mockry's post still serves, the air flow
plate on an MC car is pretty close to the end of its travel in the high RPM
range at the 1.8-2.0 BAR level.  So the system would have no real, direct way
of sensing air flow at that point and would have to infer it somehow in order
to meter additional fuel.  I suppose that you could develop a standardized map
for metering the fuel at a given RPM, inlet air temperature, and boost level,
or it could monitor the OXS sensor to tailor the fuel delivery.  As long as
max. boost levels and knock sensing were still under the control of the ECU, I
don't see why that couldn't work.  

The only thing I can otherwise think of worrying about would be the potential
for backfires into the intake manifold with a single fuel injector far enough
upstream to get good distribution -- maybe that wouldn't be an issue, though,
at high RPM and boost levels.  

If I am sounding like a novice about this, it's because I am.  I would be very
interested to hear more of what the experts here think of all this, though.

Best Wishes,