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my red 90 200 qw, reincarnated

Well, after searching the country for a car to replace my '90, tornado red
200 qw that was wecked by a red-light runner (see posts from January),
I found one in the next town over. 

The new car is a re-incarnation of the old one. Same year, color, equipment
AND mileage (old=135,000, new=137,000). It needs a new wheel bearing and
a high pressure p/s hose, but otherwise is in slightly better condition than
mine was.

I allready have ordered new Euro h/l for the car, but want to fix one thing 
on the wiring harness I made before I install them. I can't find the 
right termminals for the h4 connector, pn447972957. I have tried to get 
pn n-0170851-4, but the local v/w dealer can't find that number.
Any ideas?