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Re: urq brake UPGRADE! was Re: '82 urq: Uneven Brake Pad Wear (right to left)

Thanks for your input, Mike!  I'm running these 3 combinations: 205/50/15
on 15x8 Ronals, 205/55/16 on 16x7 Speedlines (A8 wheels), and 225/45/16 on
16x8 BBS's.  The tests were run with the 205/50/15's installed.  The crappy
Yoko 403's were on the back so that the car would oversteer a bit on the
track (on purpose), but I felt similar lock with the good SP8000s on
(215/55/16), too.

BTW, another data point: I'm running Porterfield R4 carbon kevlar pads up
front and Ferrodo carbon metallic pads on the rear.  The rear has slotted,
non-vented rotors; the front OE ventilated rotors (new).  Braided steel
lines all around with Girling DOT 5.1 (non-silicon) brake fluid (new).

At 01:20 PM 3/11/98 PST, you wrote:
>The brake upgrade is a great success!  Those Girling 60 dual piston
>>calipers I installed last year really did need an upgraded master 
>Good 4 you!
>>I did not take Mike's advice to run without a rear proportioning valve; 
>I was too chicken to do so after brake horror stories from other list 
>Sure, make me paranoid!
>In the wet, however, the rears had a tendency to lock up easily.  Full 
>line pressure at the rear wheels is dangerous, IMHO, on any moist/wet 
>I found the opposite, in the moist, my fronts lock up with the bigger 
>brakes, which is why I was looking to bias up the rear!  What tire size 
>are you using?
>>The '91 200q master cylinder was a direct bolt on.
>Excellent to know.

Do NOT use this master cylinder if you're buying one new.  Use the '90 200q
one intead!  Same specs; though 4 brakeline connections vs. 2!

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