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Re: Torsen Torture, pt. II...

>I hold the opposite view.  Until I can recreate the problem to my own 
>satisfaction, it doesn't exist.

Definitely an interesting point of view coming from a man with a technology
background ... unless you have an idea of what you're looking for, how do
you know that it doesn't exist?  This is one of the reasons why Monty Python
never found the holy grail ... or did they?  I forget ... time to go feed
the dead parrot.  :^)

>If, indeed, there is this exposure with a central torsen differential - where 
>is the public documentation?  Where are the recalls to change percentage 
>limits?  Where are the cautions in the owners' handbooks?  A quick search on 
>Alta Vista reveals that _lots_ of cars use torsens in different ways - but 
>there's nothing, absolutely nothing, to support some of the wilder theories 
>of operation posted here.

I suggest that most people who *have* experienced it, probably didn't
realize it ... all they knew is that the car was out of control.  Secondly,
even if they did know what happened to them, they probably realized that it
would be best to keep their mouth shut since it is, by default, evidence
they were driving MUCH too hard for a public road or conditions.  This is
especially true if an accident was involved... 

>Dave couldn't find a problem with his RS2 - Roger Galvin didn't find a problem 
>with his 200TQ.  By the weekend, I should know more about the ur-quattro.  

I'm certainly curious about your results but, like I said, I think getting
caught up in this "my car/your car" circle is ultimately going to accomplish
nothing until we first reach a consensus about how the diff works...
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