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Re: HELP: does 5KSQ + 80 km/h + big dog = write off?

David Marshall wrote:
>  The "tube" on the
> inside of the engine bay that holds the bumper is crumpled and pushed in
> about 1.5".  The headlight and signal light are totally smashed and the
> brumper cover is cracked to pieces with the whole bumper moved over to the
> passanger side about 2".  The fender is 0.25" closer to the passanger door,
> but there is no creases in the fender or the hood.  There is now a wobble
> in the steering wheel and the car pulls to the left a bit now.
> Considering the price of these cars.  Do you think the insurance company
> will write the car off?  I hope not, but I wonder how much and how well
> something like this can be fixed?

Keep in mind it's hard to say without actually seeing it, but...
Fixing it is easy. What may hurt you, of course, is the parts. I would
begin seeking sources of used or non-dealer new parts that can help
lower the cost of the repair. If you do some of the leg work before the
appraiser gets there it will make him happy and more likely to help
"save" the car. Treating the appraiser nicely also goes a long way
(especially if the three previous stops were to people who think their
worn out Chevette is worth as much as your Audi). Offer him a coffee or
something. No one likes the insurance guy, so really nice people stand
out in his mind. Do unto others, that sort of thing.
This doesn't sound too severe damage-wise but quite honestly my
experience with Audis has been blessedly infrequent, and I haven't
declared one a total yet.
"Life is too short to drive a minivan."

Dwight Varnes (auto damage appraiser by trade)
1970 124 Spider (restored)
1986 Audi Coupe GT (waiting for more HP)
1989 VW Jetta GLI 16v (wife's ride)
1998 Ford Contour 16v (co. car, got to pick the color)
1965 Buick Skylark conv. (coming soon)

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