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Re: parts car and transporting it

> 1) since its not running, I'm guessing I'll have to have it moved to my house.
>    Its a good 45 minute drive, assuming highway use, so its a bit more than
>    I want to try towing on my own.  What have any of you done in this situation
>    in the past?  Flat bed it out?  Any ideas on costs?  I'm leery of a normal
>    tow job, since they're known for bending control arms, and that's really
>    one of the parts I need from the thing.  I'm open to all ideas.

Flat bed tow runs about $2/mile.  Cheaper to join AAA Plus, you can get
four parts cars towed each year.  Specify to the tower flat bed only. 
Be there to be sure.  They're a lot more careful if you're there, buying
them coffee and being nice.

> 2) Similarly, since I'm basically going to strip it, ideally including rims
>    (they'll still be small/14", but it would be a cheap way to have sticky
>    low profile track tires available)  How do people get rid of the hulk.

There are usually guys in the woodwork who will come get scrap steel for
free.  Ask local garages who takes their dead transmissions etc.  The no
wheel issue is something I haven't dealt with yet but will be soon. 
Maybe the junker will have some wheels in the yard that will fit it? 
They bring with, you bolt on, they tow away.

> 4) What kind of prices does one pay for an 11 yr old parts car of this sort?

Not running?  $25-200.  If you have room to store it you'll love having
it around.

Huw Powell


'82+many Audi Coupe - where can I get stainless steel body parts?