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Re: Wife's 5ktq quits

On Thu, 12 Mar 1998, A24k4x4 wrote:

> Good evening All,
> My wife's 5ktq has begun to quit for now known reason.  It will run for a few
> days and then stop half way home.  Wait a few minutes and most of the time it
> will start and run. 

This same thing happened to me in my mom's old '85 4kq.  It ended up being
that the fuel pump was dying on us.  We replaced it and the problem was
solved but I don't know that that would relate to your problem because you
mentioned that it would do it when you stopped hard and the antilock light
would come on right before it happened. 

 Tonight it did this after stopping hard.  I tried this
> because she said the anti lock light would come on just before it would stop.
> Before my stopping idea I turned of the anti lock to see if it had anything to
> do with it.   Has any other owners had this happen to them and what was the
> fix?  Any ideas would help.  Thanks in advance,
> Al Swackhammer

Hope you fix it w/o a lot of hassle.

Carey Lyn