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Steering rack seal kit for 5k

Tax time!  On going through the paperwork I noted a part number for
this: 443 498 020A.  I ordered it through a local 'agent' for $92cdn.
After I had a look at all the parts in the 'bag' (a lot of parts boys
and girls) I decided I would let him do the rebuild.  If any of you want
to attempt the rebuild it sure is a lot less than close to $600 they
want for a reman over-the-counter.  The kit does not include the rack
boot which was another $95 but I found a used one in very good condition
for $45.  Total cost including labour under $300 for the rebuild
(doesn't include removal and installation of rack, you do that).  Do it
yourself for $150 in Canadian bux.  I understand remans use stainless
steel sleeves and such, but I figured if the first one lasted 100k this
will probably do me quite well.  The green stuff still stays in it.
Time will tell.