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>From the q-list archives comes...

Subject: 5000tq Mods
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 08:33:14 -0600
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bad.  I think that some of the creidit goes to the computer that was
programmed, yes programmed, to give this response.  I'm pretty sure that
this box, of which there are two or three in existence, are the first to
be actually programmed with new code.  Having driven in the car
basically back to back between the old box and the new box.  There is no
comparison.  When/if the programmer ever decides to offer these to the
general Audi public, no serious "tweeker" would be without one in their

Reprogramming the MAC11/14 ECU is really nothing new, and has been
happening for some time now. Don't underestimate the serious tweekers
on this list. The acronym for this mod is sometimes known as QLCC. I 
have been running a custom reprogrammed PROM for my MAC11 for
coming up on a year. A quick count will find 15-20 listers, probably
more,who are running these "programmed" boxes. I have authored 1 or 2 
versions of the code, Steve Eiche has done more than a few, as has 
Scott Mockery and Orin Eman. And I hear the R&D labs are busy.

I started playing with it back in 93 when myself, RDH and Dan B. ran 
into each other on this list and the result was the RDH reprogrammed 
version of the MAC02 for the ur-q. And it has been progressing since.

Dave Lawson

I run my own code in my own cars because I didn't like what was offered
a few years ago (and more). I started out back in 90/91 by putting a
socket in my mac02 in my ur-q because I didn't like the resistor/diode
hacks that were around. And for me it evolved into programming a mac11
for my MC engined ur-q  which lives at altitude. I designed my custom
boost profiles/timing map to stay in the high efficiency region of a
modded K26 turbo working at 6000 ft. I have done a few versions for the
mac11 and one of these was passed to Graydon and has since propagated
into a number of cars and from what I hear is the qLCC version floating
around. Now that Scott M is in the buisness, he should be able to help
people out with a correctly done re-programmed ECU too.