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Valentine One

Unless you can find one in the classifieds, pawn shops, or a private
party looking to get rid of one, they're only available from the
factory. I see in their latest ads that a version sans laser is no
longer available, so it looks like you're going to be out $400.

But IMO it's money well spent. I'm _completely_ happy with mine and
don't know how I ever got by without it. Those little arrows are like
crack cocaine. My recently purchased 20v 90q came with a behind the
grille mounted detector, but I've turned it off and never plan on
turning it back on. Instead, I plan on getting a second wiring harness
($13) and splicing into a current wire off the sunroof/dome light area
(any tips on removing the control plate thing and which wire I should
use appreciated). Did this in my Jetta and it's beautiful -- the wire
more or less disappears when not in use.

ps -- the manual does a great job of explaining how radar works; found
the info quite informative. and watch out for instant-on!!! (voice of