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Re: Valentine One

> Instead, I plan on getting a second wiring harness
> ($13) and splicing into a current wire off the sunroof/dome light area
> (any tips on removing the control plate thing and which wire I should
> use appreciated).

I don't recall the colors, but it's the two center wires on the
plug (probably red and green, red=+ I would guess, but check with
a voltmeter/cont. checker).
I bought a standard phone cord at Home Depot for $1 or so and 
carefully spliced it into the sunroof circuit.
The only problem with my install is that the detector resets when
the switch gets powered, but it's a minor annoyance.
Check the diagram and just find a keyed hot and a ground up there.

These pop up on the net from time to time.  My "older" V1 with
laser was $175 delivered and works great.

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