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tire discussion

There's no good way to do this, but perhaps it's time to revisit
the topic of tires since the spring season is upon us.
What I'd like to do is get some recommendations for a few types
of tires, and some feedback.  I'll collate the replies.
Obviously not all tires fit all cars, etc.
I'll start.



You realize that traction is key, especially in the winter,
and yes, even on a quattro.  You are willing to have 2 sets of
tires (and often 2 sets of rims).

Top choices:

- Bridgestone Blizzak:  excellent winter tire, especially good on
ice.  Drawbacks (IMO) are very soft compound, which when worn 
leaves a mediocre all-season tread on a tire with soft sidewalls.

- Nokia Hakka 1:  probably the best "deep snow" tire.  When combined
with the Ecostud system, the ultimate snow and ice tire.
Even with the studs, the tire is surprisingly quiet and handles fairly
well.  Drawbacks are availability and price.

-Dunlop Graspic: the best "bang for the buck" in snows.  Soft compound
like the Blizzak helps in ice, yet it seems to wear better, and
handles surprisingly well, stable and fairly quiet up to 65mph.
No major drawbacks for me.  For places with moderate snowfall, this
is my pick.

Performance/Summer Tires:


You've made the choice to get snows for the winter, now treat yourself
to a high performance tire that is not compromised by a M&S rating
and design.  You want great handling, low road noise, excellent wet
weather performance.  You might even use these on the track.

Top Choices:

- Bridgestone RE71
- Dunlop D40M2
- Dunlop SP8000
- Dunlop SP9000
- Yokohama A509

All-season tires


You live or drive in a area with little or no snow.
You want a tire that can deal with the occasional snowfall,
but that will also be comfortable for the other 3 seasons.
You realize that there is no such thing as a "perfect 4 season
tire", and you are willing to accept those limitations.

Top Choices:

- Dunlop D60/A2 JLB
- BFG Comp TA HR4/VR4
- Continental CH95