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Re: Cops, Valentine One (no Quattro content)

Hmmmmm...Here's one that I'm in the process of trying to beat.  I got
nailed with lidar in CT doing 76 in a 55.  There was one other car on the
road (in front of me), and he pulled both of us over.  He gave us a huge
break -- failure to obey a posted sign, $60 no points.  Unfortunately
insurance doesn't care about the points, its the violation that they'll
nail me for and I'll be looking at a 10-20% increase for 3-5 years.

Here's the catch...on the ticket, he wrote down the state where the vehicle
was registered as PA, not VA.  I've never driven a car with PA
registration.  Think I've got a chance, or should I just suck it up and pay
the fine?



At 08:32 AM 3/13/98 -0800, Mike wrote:
>I recently beat one. 80 in a 70mph zone. Blind sweeping left on a divided
>hiway, instant on radar (Ka), no other traffic. My radar detector (cheap
>Bel) and I saw the cop at the same time. I filed for discovery just on the
>chance there may have been something lacking in the paperwork -  the state
>failed to prove the radar gun used was a doppler device - case dismissed.
>mike miller
>91 200q

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