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Re: Defective Koni??How to adjust..


Answer  #1) "What setting should they be set at?"

That depends on what springs you are using..stock or lowered and whose
they are.  If you have lowered the car like me I would try going with
at least 1 to 1.5 turns fron full soft.  The unfortunate thing with
these Konis is they do not adjust for compression damping..only
rebound.  So on my lowered car I often hit the jounce bumpers which
makes a lot of unpleasant noise and could cause the car to skip a
little in the rear.  I would increase compression damping if I could

To decrease some of the understeer inherent in our car I would run the
shocks at full stiff in the rear which may hurt the ride if you live in
an area like I do here in Detroit.  If the roads are smooth in your
neighborhood, go ahead and run them at full stiff.  You can always go
back if you need to.

Answer #2)"How do you adjust these shocks?"

Push the piston rod down into the shock body as far as you can. Now
rotates the rod while pushing down until you feel the rod fall further
into the body into a slot.  You can now adjust the shock by rotating
the rod.  I believe that turing it all the way to the left until you
feel a definite stop is full soft.  The other direction is full hard. I
think there are 2.5 turns from soft to hard. If you don't feel a
definite stop, you have not pushed the rod into the slot at the bottom
which adjusts the damping.  The only way to match them exactly left to
right is with a shock dyno.  For those without, just count the number
of turns and you're close enough!

Luckily, if you don't like the front settings, you can adjust them on
the vehicle in short order.  The rears will have to be removed and the
springs taken off to readjust them.

Hope this helps!!

Brian Vinson