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{'87 5KCSTQ] Strut/shock Selection

Looking for some advice from the wealth available from this list.  

I just purchased a set of H&R springs for my '87 5KCSTQ, and now I need
to get some new struts/shocks to go with them, and am looking for some
advice, since I'm pretty ignorant in this field.

I'm sort of leaning away from Koni's, based largely on the recent
threads concering their warrentee on this list.

Boge.  ProGas vs. Turbo gas.  I understand that only one of these model
is available for the 5k, is that correct?  Is this a decent choice for
my car?

Anything else?  I'm not looking to spend a fourtune ont he car.  It is
strickly a street car, so I'm not looking for track worthiness,just
trying to improve the handling/feel/ride a bit from the current sagging


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