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Re: 2002 - No More Turbos

Robert W Obrien wrote:
>[..] Turbos
> curently seem out of fashion, probably because of the "crutch" association
> (what, couldn't afford a *real* engine?) and (often imaginary) durability
> problems. 

	Like you, Rob, I wouldn't consider buying another car without
	a turbo.  But it occurs to me (particularly because of your location)
	that the one downside to turbocharged engines is their loss of
	power during hot weather.  It's noticeable on hot summer days here
	in the Bay Area: I have to believe it's much more severe on a
	hot day in Tucson!  I don't remember ever noticing it with N/A
	engines.  I'm told it's because the intercooler becomes far
	less efficient ..

	On the other hand, turbos would rule in Flag!


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