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Re: Invite to new Audi dealership - somewhat long

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From: Timothy D.R. Morgan <t.d.r.morgan@csc.liv.ac.uk>

>The Managing Director of Audi UK got up after an hour or so to tell all
>those assembled that the new building, which was purpose built, has its
>design origins from buildings near Ingolstadt, and is the first of 135
>such buildings to be built throughout the UK in the coming months/years,
>as part of Audi's plan to deliver the Audi experience...don't you just
>love sales jargon!!
>Their plans seem very ambitious, and as such I expect it won't be long
>before other UK Audi owners get a chance to experience their new
>approach for themselves.

Recently read that Layerthorpe Audi are soon to relocate from York city
centre to a 'specially designed' building on a tradeing estate. Maybe this
location will have more than 5 off-street customer parking spaces... The VW
dealer will remain on the current site - I bet they leave the parts
department there too....

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro