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Re: CIS-E fuel modification @ WOT

The postings about the "fuel enrichment at WOT" are interesting!

However one very important fact is being slightly overlooked!

The "stock" engine will always "perform" like a "stock" engine!

Adding extra fuel to a "stock" engine yields no gains!(BTDT)

I have quite a "collection" of enrichment devices, black boxes,
and electronics, most of which migrated from VW lineage, over
to the Audi stable........

Not a single one of these trinkets are currently attached to my Coupe!

The most impressive one, which achieved the most impressive results,
did so after wiring it backwards!  

This on a "seriously modified motor"!

Please, dont let my words prevent "experimentation"!

Just keep in mind the theory of a "stock" engine will always perform
like a "stock" engine!

Currently I run the higher pressure injection system from an 88 5k,
with an adjustable pressure reg.

Have "gas-o-plenty"!