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Re:NA I-5 performance suggs

DV wrote:
> Anyone have any first hand knowledge on improving the 10v cylinder head?

I have an 86 Coupe Gt with:
"Big-valve"  factory head, 40mm intake, 35mm exhaust,
ported-polished, Schrick 272 cam.

Block has been bored to accept 83mm Mahle 10.5:1 pistons.
Balanced/ lightened crank.  2.5" custom exhaust system with
I5 "tubular header".

Modified fueling system, improved suspension, and interior!
The car can be seen on Erics web sight at:


On May 2&3 the Coupe will be at the Texas World Speedway,
for some "cleaning of carbon from the pipes" type of driving!

Come see what a "naturally aspirated" Audi can do!

You will be suprised!