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engine chips, etc.

     OK, so I'm developing a vague understanding of what "chip" options are 
     available for my car (4000csq with new air-cooled turbo engine from 
        Intended Acceleration will do an outside-the-chip mod which, with a 
     new wastegate spring gives 215-225 hp with 14/18 lbs boost.
        TAP does much the same - but I'd rather not patronize them due to 
     past experience. 
        "QLCC" seems to have developed a replacement chip - but I'm lost in 
     all the "software-speak" and can't figure out from the postings 
     whether this is for the 5k engine, or just the tqc engine. 
     Can someone help me?? I'd like to do something chip-related, but I'm 
     looking for some first-hand knowledge on my options.
     Mike Lawton