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86 5ktq ??'s

I have the following questions:

1.  I need a muffler, any suggestions on where to get a nice perfromance
muufler that might add a few h.p. for a reasonable price?

2.  Headlights are very dim, common problem I hear, any suggestions on what
make and model driving/fog lights to buy?  Or, higher wattage bulbs, I saw
some in rear of Euro car mag but have heard they can burn out wiring?

3.  What is maximum speed you can lock in center diff?

4.  Trip computer display went out, shows hieroglyphics(sp?) right now.
Any quick fix?

5.  I will be replacing my cracked intake boot this weekend.  I have
already replaced the accordian style boot.  Any other easy suggestions on
my way to higher bar readings?

Jim Herzig
86 5ktq 189k
Looking for 90-91 Corrado G60