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P-700's Suck? B.S. !! Here's why...

I used to sell tires for NTW, now known as Tire America/NTB. These companies
are owned by the Sears Automotive Group making them the largest tire
distributers in the world. They are Pirelli's as well as Michelin's largest
distributor. As a salesman, I was paid a small hourly rate along with "Spiffs"
which are kickbacks to me for selling certain featured tires. ($0.50 for
Coopers ; $1.00 for Michelins...etc.) Pirellis were known as the good tire NOT
to sell, if you wanted to make any money selling tires. Of all of the name
brands that there were to sell at NTW, Pirelli was the one we made the biggest
margin on, requardless of style. However, for a reason I still do not
understand, it was NTW/NTB/Sears policy to offer basically no additional
"Spiff" on that brand, if one was offered at all. I steered MANY would be
P-500, P-700, P-4000 customers into Dunlop D60M2, D40 and Michelin MXV4's just
to turn a buck for me. (Before you damn me, remember that I was a 20 yr. old
kid in college at the time and the other tires were good ones too. ANYONE with
any knowledge in tire manufacturing and performance will tell you that
Michelin is the finest brand of tire made in the world today. Period.) P-700's
are as stiff as the day is long. I weigh 210# and I can stand on a P-700Z
upright and barely flex the bead or sidewall on the damn thing. Truth is,
that's what a P-700 owner wants. They are stiff, reactionary tires that dont
hydroplane but ride like a washboard. (I found them to be downright dangerous
in snow, however, due to the lack of a "self cleaning" tire tread design".) 
Lastly, don't forget that Tire Rack has them babies at $68.00 for V-Rated
ones. If you are not exceeding 150 routinly or ass is made of glass, I'd say
grab some. What's your alternative under $100.00 ?????


1986 4000CS quattro