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RE: tire discussion

Nobody has yet talked about road noise.  I have Yokohama (sp?) AVS S-4's
on my CQ, and they are really, really loud.  I also have BFGoodrich Comp
T/A VR4's on my RX7 and they are much quieter & seem to handle about the
same (same size as CQ, 50 profile vs. 60 on CQ, RWD). I also drove a
Porsche 968 (wonderfull car, BTW) w/ P7000's ZR's that were much quieter.

The AVS's really bother me.  The CQ is sooo quiet compared to the RX7 that
the noise _really_ intrudes.  

I want performance tires, but not really loud ones.  

My AVS's have +/- 5k miles on them, so I'm not really itching for new

'90 CQ (still looking for dark '91 w/low miles...)
'87 RX7 Tii (for sale)

On Sat, 14 Mar 1998, Bob Davis wrote:

> >Winter/Snows
> >------------
> >- Nokia Hakka 1:  probably the best "deep snow" tire.  When combined
> >with the Ecostud system, the ultimate snow and ice tire.
> >Even with the studs, the tire is surprisingly quiet and handles fairly
> >well.  Drawbacks are availability and price.
> I would add the advantage that they are also T speed rated, as opposed to Q
> for most other snows.
> (As the the disadvantages, here in Vermont they are sold *everywhere*, so
> availibilty is not a problem, and the prices are lower than any of the mailorder
> sources I've seen)
> >Performance/Summer Tires:
> My current choice: Bridgestone S-02.  Only one day on them so far (a mild
> weekend between snows to try them on).  Handling was outstanding.  
> Excellent turn in response (205/50ZR16 on 16x7.5 rims, 1994 90CSQ),
> seemingly unlimited grip on dry, no experience yet on wet.
>   I hated to take them off (but didn't think they'd do very well in the snow 
> due the next day).  Drawbacks: price