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Re: Removing Audi Design Tape Deck


Take a wire coat hanger, cut two pieces about a foot each in
length, and bend them in a "U" with the tips the same distance apart as
the holes on the radio (in the vertical direction).

Take your two "radio extraction tools" and insert them into the holes on
the radio, and you ought to be able to remove the unit. You might have
trouble yanking it out since there is not much to grab onto, but it should
be loose at this point.

Hope this helps.

'90 CQ (looking for a dark '91 w/low miles...)
'87 RX7 Tii (for sale)

On Sun, 15 Mar 1998, Charles Schott wrote:

> Can anyone give some tips on removing the original Audi Design tape deck
> from my '84 4kq?  It is the type with a small hole in each of the four
> corners of the deck face.  
> Thanks,
> Chuck
> Seattle WA
> '84 4kq