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QLCC : Flat spots in MAC12 Timing

Very interesting comments on the MAC12 timing map.

With the guidance of Scott Mo. I have remapped my MAC13 timing to a 
combination of MAC12 and MAC13 derived values.

I advanced timing low down, and lowered the values at high 
boost RPM by subtracting from the original MAC12 map to compensate for the 
increased boost level. 

I have a plotted the different timing maps in 3D,  would appreciate 
some pointers on how to identify the flat spots and what remedies you 
suggest, or if you wouldn't mind a copy of the modified timing map 
that you run.

IMHO optimum timing map is essential.

Any help will be appreciated.
Renier Meyer
89 200T Durban South Africa.
Remapped MAC13A with cockpit adjustable wastegate for testing (will 
disappear shortly).  Still getting a bit of knocking somewhere, busy 
constructing a visual knock indicator .