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Headlight switch repairable?

I had a similar problem with my headlight switch both on the 200T and my
wife's 100. The high / low beams were the only ones affected though.

Upon removing the unit I found that the terminal had melted the
surrounding plastic and with the pressure on the contacts moved
backwards, sometimes it would make and get really hot, and then it
stopped working completely.

I got it fixed by
1) heating the terminal with a soldering iron and pushing it back to
it's original position and then abt. 1-2 mm deeper.

2) bending the contacts back using 2 screwdrivers.

Has worked fine for abt 4 yrs on the 100 and 2 yrs on the 200T.

Remove the unit and disconnect all power and connections before


Renier Meyer
89 200T Durban South Africa