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Re: V8 Newbie

Michael - Please let me know what you decide about upgrades for your 90 
V8.  In Dec I bought a black/black V8 with 83K for $10,750.  Rikde is 
great, fuel milage is excellent and over all balance is good.   Put Hyypo 
One winter tires on the factory wheels.  great traction in snow and ice.  
The flat wheels resist picking up snow and going out of balance even in 
heavy drifts... a real plus over our BMW xi wheels!
Now I'm faced with the decision of what wheels and tires to mount for the 
spring, summer and fall.  I want good dry traction and great rain 
performance.  firming up the ride would be fine with me.
My fresh air vent spring was broken and the fuse for the rear 
defroster/antenna amplifer was blown.  there is slight seepage in the 
power steering rack.  That is all I've foung in the first 8000 miles!   

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