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Ticket, Coolant sender

In response to many of the replies I received on my speeding ticket 
message, I'd like to set a few things straight before we put this BW to 
bed. First, I was doing 45 in a 25, not 25 in a 45, as I previously 
stated. And second, it was in an INDUSTRIAL PARK. No pedestrians or 
children as some have implied in their private responses. No way that 
road should be a 25. To those who thought I should have admitted my 
speed to the cop-- That is self-incrimination. There is no surer way to 
lose a case. Last, I wasn't cited for violation of Ohio law, but city 
law. If I plead not guilty, I will have to appear in mayor's court, not 
in front of a real judge. Does this mean I get points? I have no idea.

And on the coolant gauge thread-- I once replaced my sender, only to 
find that the gauge itself was open. The wires aren't soldered (at least 
on my 5k). They are GLUED. Weird. Had to strip the coating off the wires 
and do some really weird things to avoid buying a new gauge. Not fun.

I would like to entertain more replies on this speeding thing, but let's 
take this off-list, as I'm sure many people don't give a hoot.

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