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A coupe might be coming my way

Hello all:

I might have a chance to buy a 86 coupe 5 speed FWD., 139 K miles,  timing
belt, idler, water pump done at 125 K,  great oil pressure, new battery,
analog gauges, some sort of high tech stereo installed but unknown if it
works (removable head unit not in dash when I looked at it) started just
fine,  OK rubber,  A/C inop.,  needs handbrake cables (they are new in
trunk & come with),  I5 engine,  pads & rotors done at 90 K,  torn driver's
seat,  rest of interior good,  paint is real tired, been sitting  for 6 mo.
 I'm supposed to make offer.  What's the ball park $ for these cars?  What
should I look out for?

Thanks in advance