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Re: A coupe might be coming my way

> I might have a chance to buy a 86 coupe 5 speed FWD., 139 K miles,  timing
> belt, idler, water pump done at 125 K,  great oil pressure, new battery,
> analog gauges, OK rubber,  A/C inop., pads & rotors done at 90 K,  torn driver's
> seat,  rest of interior good,  paint is real tired, been sitting  for 6 mo.

about 2k +/-.  Check the front end for tightness in general on highway,
spend 30-50 on a good mechanics examination.  Lessee, you deduct for no
A/C, and for bad paint, you don't add for "cool" stereo unless it is
something you *really* want, then it's worth about 100.  Good luck.  Why
doesn't the seller have an asking price?

Huw Powell


'82 Audi Coupe "OO oooo OO"