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Re: A coupe might be coming my way

Sandy Duffy wrote:

> I might have a chance to buy a 86 coupe 5 speed FWD.
(snipped description of tasty car car)
>  I'm supposed to make offer.  What's the ball park $ for these cars?

Well, the "official" NADA value is $2500-3500. Since it's been sitting
and the paint is dead, I doubt I'd go over that $2500 mark.

>  What should I look out for?
Exhaust can be expensive. Stock alloy wheels aren't that sturdy and can
get bent, resulting in annoying thumping sounds. Window regulator cables
break with infuriating regularity and are very expensive. The failed a/c
is probably not a tough fix as it should have an antique York type
compressor that is readily available. Are the lifters noisy yet? Ticking
sound from the right side of the engine bay indicating a warped EM and
broken stud? All of which is annoyances and won't keep it from running.
Mostly indestructible, I don't think you'll find a coupe of this vintage
that will give you many headaches. 

"Life is too short to drive a minivan."

Dwight Varnes
1970 124 Spider (restored)
1986 Audi Coupe GT (waiting for more HP)<-----127,000 miles
1989 VW Jetta GLI 16v (wife's ride)
1998 Ford Contour 16v (co. car, got to pick the color)
1965 Buick Skylark conv. (coming soon)

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