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curious about parts...

I noticed a clicking coming from the front of my '87.5 Gt Coupe when I turned.
Fearing the worst, I examined the cv joints and found a wonderful gash in the
driver's side outside boot.
My mechanic looks at it and tell me to replace A.S.A.P.!  That not only is the
outer one shot, but the inner cv is going too.  He tells me that it would be
easier and cheaper to get an entirely new driveshaft.  I figure it is going to
save a lot of time too.
So my question is:
I can get a remanufactured driveshaft for only $80 plus $45 core charge at
Auto Zone.  It also comes with a lifetime warranty.  Is this going to be a
quality product?  Or should I go somewhere else?  I have looked around and
CANNOT beat this price.

I looked through the vendor list, but don't know who to trust.  I am a very
leary customer.