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Re: Fw: Wheel offsets

To:   famoroso
I don't know, Frank, I'm really more of a beer drinker, Stout if you have
it, more specifically Murphy's Irish Stout. I'll see you when you get
home.... KIDDING! ;-D

Sean Ford
'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 35k mi

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Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 20:37:48 -0700
From: "Frank Amoroso" <famoroso@sprintmail.com>
Subject: Fw: Wheel offsets
>That's what I love about this list. Its not just the collegiality its the
>willingness to lend a helping hand. Thanks Sean! Now that I'm thinking
>it Sean, would you mind keeping an eye on my wife after I hand you the
>to my car? While you are at it you should probably drink some of my wine,
>and smoke some of my cigars. Yep, collegiality.
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>>To:   famoroso
>>Ok, Frank, count me in.... I'll be a test passenger. Tell you what: I'll
>>even be a test driver; I'm that kind of guy.
>>Sean Ford
>>'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 35k mi