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Re: bearings or bad tire?


I have the same symptoms on my 85 q Coupe. I had it with the previous set of
wheels, too. Still couldn't cure it and would be greatful if anyone would
suggest a good move.

Regards from Gabor 85qcoupe

Eric Billing wrote:

> Greetings,
> I recently put new Potenza RE930 (with allignment) on our '93 100 CSQW. The
> car rides real well and is considerably more comfortable to drive than
> before--the Pirellis were well worn and we were out of balance.
> Bad news, is that while the new tires and allignment make things
> considerably quieter, I have discovered a "throbbing" vibration which occurs
> at about 65mph (which is 2800RPM in 4th on the auto-tranny).
> Some additional diagnostics:
> a) 2800rpm in 3rd (about 50mph) has similar noise but much less noticable
> and a different frequency.
> b) below 65 (say 60 mph) there is no noticable noise. Above 65, the ambiant
> road noise drowns out the throb...
> c) 65 mph in 3rd (about 4000 rpm) results in too much engine noise, so throb
> may not be present
> d) no shake in the steering wheel
> So, I'd be interested in hearing suggested courses of finding the source of
> the problem. Currently the car is back at the tire shop having the wheels
> re-balanced and rotated. Hopefully the noise will go away or move in someway
> as to indicate a tire defect.
> Other ideas?
> Thanks,
> Eric
> --
> Eric Billing
> Eagan, MN
> '93 100 CSQW Pearl w/ 57K miles
> '91 Accord EX w/ 115K miles
> eric.billing@metaphasetech.com