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Re: lifter music

Hi Gerard,

To be honest, I can't tell you about my oil pressure, because the car
has no gauge for the pressure. However, I can tell you that when I
bought the car from my neighbour, it definitely gave me a blinking oil
light when warm and at idle. The guy used some cheap Tamoil 5W- 30 oil.
I drained this liquid and gave the car Castrol RS 10W- 60 full synthetic
and the oil light is invisible since than. I am not shure whether the
lifter noise became worse because I fell in love with the quattro and in
that state one doesn't hear and doesn't see...Nowadays, however, it is
annoying sometimes to hear the lifter (I think it is only one now) sing
at rather unexpected times. I have to confess that last summer I had all
the lifters replaced. This resulted in a kind of silence for several
months (at least two or three), and now it is back with only a single
one rattling. Do you think I should have a pressure gauge connected to
the engine and watch for a while? Or is it possible to replace only one
lifter? How does one find the ill one? Should I drop the Bosch filter
for a factory one? Or should I put on some more watts on the stereo? I
can do this easily, but my wife...

Regards from Gabor 85qcoupe (black)

Gerard wrote:

> Hi!
> Together with your lifter noise did you notice any drop in oil
> pressure when idling after the car has warmed up? Mine goes beyond
> the "low" suggested by Audi, ie. below 1.8 bar. I am running
> Duckhams 5W40 synthetic and I think my oil pump was messed up by the
> people who fixed my oil leaks. If I remember correctly from posts
> to the list from last year, most listers said synthetic does lend to
> extra lifter noise. In my case I think the lifter noise is so high
> due to oil starvation and the type of oil.
> G.
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