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Brake m/c question

I had a huge problem with my m/c this weekend. Every so often, I would
have to fill the cylinder. Brakes have been bled very well. Anyhow, I
remembered back to the RIPP 5kcsq article and how he used tie wraps on the
mc resevoir. I washed the area, it looked like the mating surface of the
res to the plunger body was leaking. I tie wrapped it. What I didn't know
was that the tightening could be uneven and the front mating surface was
tight. The rear lifted up and leaked like a geyser. I was in Manhattan
yesterday. An hour (by traffic) from home. I'm lucky that the night before
I bought another bottle of brake fluid. I pass by my car during the day
and see a mysterious liquid all over the place. I look, the mc is empty.
Anyhow, cutting the long story short (there were a few more hardships with
the story) I had a few tb hose clamps in my trunk, screwed tham together,
put them on the bacl of the mc, filled it. No leaks since. Made it home
fine, no feeling of air in the system. Will bleed it anyhow.

Question: Are the seals available? I pulled apart an old junk cylinder and
saw there are insert type seals on it.
Is it wise to tie wrap the cylinder? It did appear after I did it, the
brake pedal was slightly firmer. This was after the refilling.
I saw that Pep started to carry a Valvoline synthetic (non silicone) brake
fluid. I think the claimed boiling point is +500 degrees. It is dot 3,4,
and 5(I'm pretty sure). Any good?

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