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RE: 2002 - No More Turbos (Trionic)

In high school, for a Westinghouse project, I made an engine with a peak
on the piston dome and a side electrodeless spark plug. The sprak jumped
from the plug to the peak. Worked very well. A year and a half later, I
see Saab is using the idea. Don't know if they got it from me. A brief
report I saw seemed to be almost word for word.

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On Mon, 16 Mar 1998, Henry Harper wrote:

> Frank sed:
> > I seem to recall an article on SAAB's trionic engine management system that
> > had intake air, to car #1 (some SAAB), coming from the exhaust of another
> > car, #2, (I think it was another SAAB), the end result is that the emissions
> > from car #1 ended up cleaner (in many respects) than the exhaust form car
> > #2. I do however forget it whether car had a turbolader? Anyone remember
> > what I'm talking about or am I talking out of my gluteus?
> SAAB #2 (gross polluter): some sort of old two-stroke (Sonnet?)
> SAAB #1 (gross polluter cleaner-upper): 9k, couple years ago, also not 
> remembering if a turbo was involved but maybe?
> Was that the article that talked about using a raised section of the piston for 
> the spark ground electrode?
> Definitely made a big deal about Trionic being, ooh, 32-bit.
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