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Re: '87.5 CGT CV joints

>I noticed a clicking coming from the front of my '87.5 Gt Coupe when I turned.
>Fearing the worst, I examined the cv joints and found a wonderful gash in the
>driver's side outside boot.
>My mechanic looks at it and tell me to replace A.S.A.P.!  That not only is the
>outer one shot, but the inner cv is going too.  He tells me that it would be
>easier and cheaper to get an entirely new driveshaft.  I figure it is going to
>save a lot of time too.
>So my question is:
>I can get a remanufactured driveshaft for only $80 plus $45 core charge at
>Auto Zone.  It also comes with a lifetime warranty.  Is this going to be a
>quality product?  Or should I go somewhere else?  I have looked around and
>CANNOT beat this price.

The two outer CV joints were shot on the '87.5 CGT that my brother
purchased in December of '96.  He could not find replacement joints, 
because apparently his joint was a special version for the 2.3L Coupe.
He eventually had Fred's Axlenet rebuild both of HIS axles, since they
did not have any in stock.  AFAIK, the "rebuild" involved machining the
CV joint for larger balls, then installing the larger balls along with
the requisite cage.

One year later, one of the "rebuilt" outer joints is again dying.  Since
Fred's Axlenet warranties the axles, he can get them replaced for free,
but it still means a lot of extra work and the car is down for a week.  :(

So, my take is to be aware of the risks when going with a rebuilt axle.
Make sure the axles are warrantied, and consider whether or not you will
get charged for the labor if they need to be replaced again.  If, in
general, you hear good stories about rebuilt axles, then the savings is
worth the risk. 

'85 Coupe GT
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