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RE: Battery

Well, I have a new battery.  

Gave up on Wal-Mart.  They basically wasted a bunch of my time.  The
manager called Everstart (Johnson Controls) and found out that Wal-Mart
is not authorized to order any battery which they do not regularly
stock.  So, SOL.  They did however suggest I find an Interstate
supplier, since Johnson Controls makes Interstate.  So I found a little
auto shop and they didn't have the right one, but sent me down the road
to a business called "Interstate Battery".  That's all they do.  It's
not the company itself, but this business has somehow gotten permission
(I assume) to use the name.  It was kind of a hole in the wall.  They
wanted $74.95 plus $2 for the vent adaptor.  Seems the vent nipple comes
out of the middle right where the hold down bracket should be.  

So, I went back to Advance Auto and bought their's.  It's the one made
by GNB of Atlanta, has 670 cca and a 2-year free replacement warranty.
And Advance Auto is a large SE chain so if I have any trouble around
here, I should be able to deal with warranty issues fairly easily.

Thanks for all the input on this oh, so complicated issue.