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RE: K&N filter test -construction equipment

I feel I have to ask, just for the sake of thoroughness...  Was the K&N
properly oiled?

My first reaction is surprise, since I thought the oil would certainly
catch dust better than a dry paper element.  I've had a couple of K&N's
in different cars (not yet in my current 200qw) and just accepted them
as better, even if only marginally so.  What if you oiled it real good
and just didn't clean it?  

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> Sent:	Tuesday, March 17, 1998 7:07 PM
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> Subject:	RE: K&N filter test -construction equipment
> Martin, you have done the Quattro List a great service by posting the
> note
> about re-useable filters in dusty conditions.
> The note you posted was originally posted in a Prodigy forum for
> automobiles, which I stumbled on a few years ago.  Remarkably, many of
> the
> forum participants still thought both the K&N and the popular filter
> system
> used in the test: AMZOIL ,still worked.
> My experiences with K&N filters comes from the motorcycle business
> where
> most of the racers we sold them to let the filters get so dirty they
> worked.  We never saw any dust in the carbs or intakes from racing.  
> So I thought installing one on my Audi 200 tqw would be all that it
> was
> advertised.  Added a little filter oil to the factory prepared element
> for
> good measure.
> After a year of driving around Colorado's dry and often very dusty
> roads, I
> took the K&N off to clean it.  Also took off the entire air box which
> you
> need to do.  Guess what.  The air tube  where the hot wire sensor is
> located was coated in fine dust.  That filter no longer is part of my
> garage and car parts inventory.  Went to the local autoparts store and
> found a FRAM direct replacement made in Italy which had a huge amount
> of
> pleats in the paper, much more area than the stocker.  It's been in
> place
> now for another year and a half, same dusty conditions.  Last fall an
> examination of the intake tract showed NO DUST at all.
> Confirmation of your posted article test findings.
> Folks that live in damp, strictly highway settings won't have the dust
> problem.  But those of you using re-useable filter elements in dusty
> conditions found in the West will regret having all that dust ingested
> in a
> fine engine.
> Coop