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Re: stinkin' badges... and other misapplied insignia.

I'd be willing to bet that it is less a matter of Audi's production line
variances and more a case of haphazard quality control by body repair
facilities.  I see misapplied insignia all the time, especially on
beemers and benzes.  Not surprised that Audi's would be afflicted as

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> From:	Pete Kraus [SMTP:Pete_Kraus@Emory.Org]
> On another subject, thanks for all the responses to my quattro badge
> query. Keep 'em coming.  I'm tallying the results and will post them
> on
> the list.  So far there's no consensus on some models, maybe
> because, as one lister commented, Audi's badge parts bin varied from
> day to day.