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Re: Konis

At 01:50 PM 3/16/98 -0800, you wrote:

>>I've had them out about 8 times...   :-(
>Why?  Eibach spring level changing?

Didn't realize one of the Konis was blow when I got them. Did a buncha level
tests using variations of Eric's bushings, then threw the old Boges back in.

>Which one is blown?  There is one that has a bent bottom mounting that
>appears to have good piston travel.  The other has a good case, but the
>piston rod is not parallel to the shock body and the piston won't compress
>into the shock body.  I believe the latter on is the blown one?  Any info.
>is appreciated.

# 2 is blown - the bent mount fits just fine.

>That car must have been in a very, very bad wreck to bend these up like this!

I've got picts. Randy Paquette's tq - rolled 3 times then sideways through a
coupla trees 'til he found one big enough to stop the car. Walked away...

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