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Re: Longevity of v8q engine/tranny

Hi Steve-My 1990 V8 now has 137K miles on it and runs fine. It does need new
distributor caps and perhaps wires. My diagnossis is based on the fact that I
detect more radio noise on weak stations, but have not noticed any serious
reduction in mileage yet so I will continue to wait. I use about 1 qt per 1K
miles when driving hard (85 mph+). I have asked around about engine longevity
and the consensus is 300K miles is possible with proper maintenance. This was
of particular interest to me since the aluminum block is not sleeved.
Apparantly the aluminum around the cylinders is treated with  silicon to
provide the necessary hardness. I doubt this block can be reworked.I have
replaced the timing bellt per schedule, and the front right outer CV joint
boot at about 90K . I have also begun to experience broken wires between the
drivers door and the rest of the car. The only non stock change that I have
made is the recent switch to a K&N filter, and after reading the recent post
on their filtering capability I may switch back. I am now so spoiled by the
V8, that it has to last untill the A8 gets into my affordability range. Good
luck with your decession!
Frank Santoro
1990 V8
Kingsville Md