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Re: Longevity of v8q engine/tranny

The v8 can last a lot of miles just like most german engines. 1 qt./1k
miles is more than acceptable consumption. The cylinder liners are not
silicon treated, but rather they are etched to expose silicon crystals.
Very hard. In the evnt of a rebuild, I've seen on other makes that they
decide to insert a liner in the cylinder because boring the cylinders and
not being able to etch the iron, not finding oversize pistons, etc.

*Steve                                       Sachelle Babbar
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On Mon, 16 Mar 1998, FBFISH wrote:

> Hi Steve-My 1990 V8 now has 137K miles on it and runs fine. It does need new
> distributor caps and perhaps wires. My diagnossis is based on the fact that I
> detect more radio noise on weak stations, but have not noticed any serious
> reduction in mileage yet so I will continue to wait. I use about 1 qt per 1K
> miles when driving hard (85 mph+). I have asked around about engine longevity
> and the consensus is 300K miles is possible with proper maintenance. This was
> of particular interest to me since the aluminum block is not sleeved.
> Apparantly the aluminum around the cylinders is treated with  silicon to
> provide the necessary hardness. I doubt this block can be reworked.I have
> replaced the timing bellt per schedule, and the front right outer CV joint
> boot at about 90K . I have also begun to experience broken wires between the
> drivers door and the rest of the car. The only non stock change that I have
> made is the recent switch to a K&N filter, and after reading the recent post
> on their filtering capability I may switch back. I am now so spoiled by the
> V8, that it has to last untill the A8 gets into my affordability range. Good
> luck with your decession!
> Frank Santoro
> 1990 V8
> Kingsville Md