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how "the ric" does business

"the ric" sez:
>>that's about 5 times as much as you still owe me!
>What for the Bomb that you STUCK me with after it was ordered FOR YOU at YOU

hey, earache:
perhaps this will refresh your memory.
this is the first time in the 300+ days since i wrote you a $2300+ check
that you hinted at being stuck with any parts.  i cancelled the order
for the bomb before you received my check and, according to you at the
time, before you ordered any parts for me (so no prob according to you!)
the reason i cancelled the bomb from the order was i found a price that
was better by $50, which tells me how much you were planning to make off
of "my" bomb.  i even told you on the phone, at the time i cancelled it,
why i was cancelling it.  since it took you from early may until late july to
ship me parts (that were promised in 3 weeks), i doubt you already had "my"
bomb on hand.  you made no mention of being "stuck" with "my" bomb when you
promised to send me the difference back in may when i first cancelled,
nor did you mention it during the several times when you promised that
"the check was in the mail".  you also made no mention of being "stuck" with
"my" bomb when you tried to sell me an intercooler back in september, nor
during any of the dozens of phone calls/emails on the subject of the $300 you
owe me.  aamof, during our last call on the subject in january, you
simply "didn't have time" for me.

let's face it, eric.  you ripped me off and you aren't man enough to
deal with it.  i even gave you a chance to settle things when when you
put g60 brake parts up for sale on the list, thinking if you were so
hard up for cash, at least you would consider a trade.  no response.

to the qlist:
i have since learned that i am not alone in dealing with the dark side
of eric fletcher.  those of you with glowing testimonials of driving
into st louis with a beater and driving out with a racecar - thank the
heavens you were able to hold onto your cash until the goods were
delivered.  (including the lister who got "my" springs, no hard
feelings.)  to those of you who are still waiting for remuneration from
the unsteadi one, i feel your pain.  to those considering doing business
and not yet bitten, i say caveat emptor.  don't send any money unless
you can afford to lose it.


ps - if you were truly "stuck" with the bomb in question, why didn't you just
ship it to me?  is there a 100% restocking fee involved here?

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