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Stuff for sale, little bit of everything.

 In the continuing quest to make enough room in the garage to get a car
in(just bought a Vw convertible), it's out with the old and etc...

5ktq intercooler---75$
TQC aux rad-------20$
TQC main rad-----25$
TQC upper hose--25$
4kq ECU------------40$
5kT used AT-------90$
'87 CoupeGT std trans---75$

Complete grey leather interior for 4000q, uncut panels, heated seats, minor
restitching needed.  350$

FloFit sport seats for 4000q/TQC. Black cloth, matching rear seats recovered
in blk cloth, complete with bases/brackets. Butt panel of drivers seat is
worn, excellent bolsters.  350$

Complete tan leather interior for TQC, seats, panels, carpet set, avg
condition only, complete set, but not restoration quality. 300$

'89 Saab 900 intercooler, all aluminum, 100$

now for the rims...deep breath

OEM '94 90 series, 15x6 ET45, flat faced, six small spokes, exposed lugs, 2in
centrecap with logo. Came off a car with 28k, mint condition, shined up real
nice, just not quite as sexy as...                          350$

OEM '90 CoupeQ Speedlines, 15x7, you all know the design, typical Speedline
clearcoat peel, no centrecaps with this set. Only reason to sell is that
they're a spare set to the ones going on my '87.              450$

Drop me a line if I can answer any questions on the above. All bits located in
Concord NH, shipping easily arranged, yadda yadda..

-Chris Semple
'87 4000q
  '83 TQC
     '83 TQC
        '88 E150 Club
           '98 Classic 21' trailer
              '81 Vw Cabriolet(barely)