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Cooling Fan Question and......

First off I'd like to thank all those who replied about the "quattro
madness" that set in for a few days last week.  As it turns out,  the EM was
able to be repaired very inexpensively.  Hooray- only $27.50!!!!  My
mechanic was able to get a lock nut on the existing thread and welded some
holes in a breather tube- no more noise.  He checked out the other contact
points and said all looked good, top and bottom.  I am very grateful that
the head didn't need to come off.
    Anyway, Two quick questions.  My cooling fan does not come on after the
car has been shut off.  If I turn then turn the key to pos II, the fan comes
on.   I checked the relay and it's working.  I replaced the thermostat and
thermo fan switch.  It seems like it's connected to the ignition and not the
battery.  It's been warm here lately and I'm sure it should come on to cool
the car.
    Second,  Anyone ever experience a steering wheel shake and a vibration
that can be felt in the gas pedal as well as the wheel.  It occurs between
65mph-80mph and seems to get worse when it gets warm outside.  At it's
worst, the dash even shakes!  It seems to get worse under full throttle.
      I had the tires aligned and balanced- they are only 6 mos. old.  I had
the front end checked out- all tight and the trans and motor mounts are all
good.  Inner and Outer CV's seem ok- had the inners packed and re-booted.  I
know the car needs strut cartridges badly- one side leaking.  Could this
cause the symptoms?  Any suggestions, thoughts, insights,etc... would be
greatly appreciated.

Thomas C.  Turse,   Evergreen, CO
85 4ksq  141,000