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875000QS Good but need help to make perfect!

Hello all. I've sold my trouble free 87 4000s with 145,000 miles on it
for $2,000. Bought a 87 5000QS for $2,200 with 108,000 miles. Here are
some probs. I've resolved and some I haven't! First the havent's.

	Also let me tell all that car has at least sat for 2 years maybe three.
bought car in CT. The gent I bought it from purchased it from an
auction. Dick, thats his name, has 20 Audi's in his yard and one Miata
for sale. Most of stock is parts cars or low end mid 80's crap! I've
found the knock sensor computer not bolted up and not grounded to boot.
Bolted up and grounded got rid of all codes. Idle switch, full throttle
switch, oxs at limit. Dick says he never did any work on car except for
fuel filter. Makes me wonder about car, no wonders about Dick.

	Starts and runs fine cold, minuete later the car doesn't want to take
fuel. Bog down, no forward progress. A few stabs at the full throttle
switch tends to get rid of the prob. Once at operating temp the car is
fine. Another Question is what is operating temp on the gauge. While on
highway the gauge barely comes to life around town it comes up maybe a
sixth of the range if that. When stopped the temp will rise.  I've done
all output checkes and voltage checks and come up empty. No codes!! I
also get this lean condition on the highway on the top end. Car pulls
hard from 3grand to 42 hundred then you get short changed after that!
I've never driven another 5000 normally asperated but the 4000 was just
plain flat no peaks in rev range! My next bit is to check fuel output
before and aft the fuel filter. I've also checked MA at fuel psi reg.
60ma at cold start up and quick decent to around 10ma. From their it's a
struggle to the o2 swing point on either side of ZERO. About 8-10
minuets from a cold start at idle. Temp from start between 50-60 F. I've
checked o2 heat wire, ok their.               So anybody BTDT, been
waitin to do that!

Maybe I won't hog up this days archive. I'll ask and tell at L8tr date.
All inputs would be appreciated. Any one from NY Westchester area
willing to swap wisdom and wrench time?

85 F150
90 CBR1000 4 sale
95 Katana 750 4 sale

Future wife wants new Kitchen cabnets BUT THE AUDI STAYS!!!