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Married, 2.5 kids, now 2 Q's (spoiler FS) and 1.5 ft. of snow

All the best to those heading into marriage. My first marriage wasn't much
to speak about. But now have what I imagine marriage was to meant to be. I
love Leah more and more each day.  Sure she has some trouble with my car
fetish.  Understandable.  Carsey take a lot of money some days, when you
still need money for the more important basics and a third child is on the
way. I got all of this by finally not giving up on what David really wanted
- Love.

Yes, I still lust after cars.  I was lucky to complete our Audi set by
recently finding a 86 4kq owned by a reputable mechanic. It has two used
P700 in the trunk!  I forget the exact size. They are 50 profile and 14
inch. There is also a spoiler with an integrated brake light if anyone
wants it for a reasonable offer and paying shipping. Right now it is
painted bright red metalic. I don't know what they are worth on the used

We are all at home today.  Lot's of snow and ice here. Schools are closed.
Even with the 5kcdQ, we are staying home.

Take care all. Thanks to all who have helped me through the list.

Airdrie,AB Canada