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Re: '94 Q45 / '89 200q comparison

Reed Hitchcock wrote:

> It is like the following Camry theory:  Toyota makes one car, in a variety
> of flavors.  There is Camry Lite: the Corolla; Regular Camry; Camry Plus:
> the Toyota Avalon; Camry Lux: The ES300; Camry-on-Steroids: The GS400; and
> Mega-Camry: The LS 400.  Same holds for Infiniti, Maybe an Altima theory?
> Nothing original here, and if Audis are ANYTHING, they are original..

	Umm .. OK, I'll be the party pooper. Audi Lite: the 4K/80/90/A4,
	Audi regular: 5K/100/A6,  Audi plus: 5KQ/100Q/A6Q, Audi Lux:5KT/200/?,
	Audi-on-steroids: 200-20V/S4/S6, Mega-Audi: V8/A8.

	I submit that the Corolla and the Camry are about as similar as
	the 4K and 5K, or the 90 and 100, or the A4 and A6.  And the GS400
	and the Camry are probably more dissimilar than are the 100 and
	the V8.

	Point is, if a manufacturer can satisfy many different 
	customer segments with variations of one design, more power to
	them. Just because you redesigned everything from ground-up doesn't
	necessarily mean you have a better product: you just have bragging
	rights :-)  

	I still prefer Audis, but there's no single irrefutable reason
	I can think of (except for quattro, perhaps .. but one of mine is FWD).


	'91 Audi-on-steroids
	'85 Audi Lux
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